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Preface to the First Edition by Roy U. Schenk and John Everingham
Preface to the Revised Edition by Roy U. Schenk and John Everingham
Chapter 1 Some Basics about Shame by John Everingham
Chapter 2 Shame In Men’s Lives by Roy U. Schenk
Chapter 3 Men’s Shame by Gershen Kaufman
Chapter 4 Seven Sources of Men’s Shame by Robert Bly
Chapter 5 Healing Internalized Shame by Gershen Kaufman and Robert Bly
Chapter 6 Men Facing Shame: A Healing Process by John Everingham
Chapter 7 Involving Men in Healing Their Wounds of Socialization, compiled by Roy U. Schenk
Chapter 8 On Men, Guilt, and Shame by Francis Baumli
Chapter 9 Basic Male Shame by John Gagnon
Chapter 10 Male Initiation: Filling a Gap in Therapy by Christopher Miller
Chapter 11 A Shame-Based Model for Recovery from Addiction by George Lindall
Chapter 12 Grandiosity: The Shadow of Shame by David L. Lindgren
Chapter 13 The Rescue Triangle: Shame Update by John Everingham
Chapter 14 Forgiving The Unforgivable: Overcoming Abusive Parents by John Giles
Chapter 15 Inadvertent Shaming: Family Rules and Shaming Habits by John Everingham
Chapter 16 Men and Goodness by Andre Heuer
Chapter 17 Men and Intimacy by Patrick Dougherty
Chapter 18 Shame, Initiation, and the Culture of Initiated Masculinity by Michael P. Greenwald
Chapter 19 From Shame to Self-Esteem by Philip M. Powell
Chapter 20 Open Sesame: When Shame Turns to Gold by John S. Guarnaschelli
Chapter 21 Shame: The Mother Wound by David Shackleton
Chapter 22 Toward Epistemology Functional for the 21st Century by John Everingham
Chapter 23 Vision for Transforming our World by Roy U. Schenk

Committed to helping people understand shame and bring joy into their lives.


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